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Man Guilty of Ejaculating into Co-worker’s Water Bottle

February 28, 2011

What would have happened if she dunked her water bottle after a run.

Remember this story?

A  male employee was arrested for allegedly ejaculating his sperm into a sexy female co-worker’s water bottle on two seperate occasions. She drank it both times and got sick.

Professional idiot Kevin Lallana confessed that he did it because “he felt that was as close as he could get to her” and by ejaculating into her water bottle “her lips would have touched” his sperm.

Imagine if he actually said something creepy!

The first time the female co-worker drank the bottle she got sick and threw it away.

The second time it happened, she sent the water bottle to a lab.

That’s when Lallana got himself into a “sticky” situation.

And, there are more problems now.

Turns out the female co-worker’s mouth is now pregnant with Lallana’s child.

That’s a lot to take in.


Willblogforlols is written for entertainment purposes only. Wondering now what the inside of the female co-worker’s mouth looks like under a black light. 

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