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BREAKING NEWS: TMZ Looking For Tour Guides!

February 18, 2011

"...and to our left is the very tree that Lindsay hit about 2 hours ago."

TMZ, yes the gossip site, is getting into the tour guide business.

That’s right, now you can look like a total idiot being driven around Hollywood in an open bus by TMZ!

They’ve partnered with Starline Tours for a “revolutionary new experience aboard a custom-fitted bus” and they’re seeking tour guides that have “the gift of gab.”

They also want tour guides who know the difference between Minka Kelly from Mila Kunis (well, there goes my chance) and Mark Salling from The Situation.

Hey, I know the difference!

Mark Salling will still be around in a year.

Other requirements for the TMZ tour job:

– Must know where exactly to point out Lindsay’s enablers.

– Must know paparazzi broken English fluently.

– Must be able to get one of Charlie Sheen’s whores aboard the bus and strip.

– Must claim to have the exclusive on Lindsay’s next arrest, even though you  have no idea what you’re talking about and it totally contradicts what RadarOnline, People, and US are reporting.

– Must be able to explain to tourists why people would actually want to watch live video of Harvey and his employee what-his-face make commentary on TMZ.


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