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Gas prices are getting so bad…

February 23, 2011

Over 50 Billion Screwed.

– Lindsay Lohan and her prosecutor carpooled together to today’s court hearing.

– Today in Beverly Hills, unleaded’s now $4.01 and 10/10.

– Instead of saying “Welcome to Shell,” they’re just saying, “Bend over.”

– Charlie Sheen’s now getting screwed at the gas station.

– (In fact, it’s now costing Charlie $100,000 for full service.)

– Instead of Unleaded, Premium, and Diesel, it’s Tall, Grande, and Venti.

– In addition to paying at the pump, everyone’s now praying at the pump.

– Taco Bell may not have real meat, but at least they have free gas.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS: If gas prices get any higher, Lindsay won’t be able to afford gas to drive.


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