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Stripper DJ Wanted

March 2, 2011

Make the buns shake at minimum wage.

There’s a local strip club in town that’s seeking a DJ.

The ad says you MUST have strip club experience.

The job pays $8/hr. plus tips.

I don’t know many EXPERIENCED strip club DJ’s willing to settle for just $8/hr, but okay.

Other requirements:

– MUST be able to continually say in a monotonish voice, “Let’s give it up for Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeera.”

– MUST be able to mix the same three songs over and over again: Superfreak, Wiggle It, and Rumpshaker.

– MUST be able to play music at an unresaonable loud volume so the record’s completely distorted and the bass makes the speakers go out.

Oh…and you might get a blow job from one of the dancers…if you spin their new lame CD that they made just as a record exec sits down.

Wear a condom.


Willblogforlols is written for entertainment purposes only. And no, I’ve never been to the strip club mentioned above, I swear!!!

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